Tenji Aquarium Designs

Immersed in Inspiration and Innovation.

Tenji Custom Aquariums and Aquatic Support Systems
At Tenji, we are scientists, architects, engineers—and artists. Premier aquarium builders since 2001, our custom aquariums, aquatic exhibits, and life support systems (LSS) can be found in the world’s finest public aquariums, zoos, museums, universities, buildings, and residences. Whether freshwater or saltwater aquariums, each Tenji design is filled with vibrant and thriving animal and plant life, and a drop of pure wonder.

In Japanese, the word “tenji” describes a meticulous yet magical process that creates clear, compelling forms from complex information. This is what Tenji aquatic design consultants, aquarium builders, and aquatic engineers do every day. Our unparalleled knowledge of aquatic engineering, years of hands-on experience, rapid design and prototyping techniques, and deep respect for the natural world are the powerful currents that shape our work. We deliver exceptional results—on time and on budget—for every one of our clients.

We are much more than fish tank designers. We create and care for extraordinary ecosystems. 

If you need world-class aquarium architectural design, aquarium installation and repair, aquarium life support systems, or aquarium maintenance, call 831.401.9551 to talk to The Tenji team.