Tenji Showroom

Immerse yourself in inspiration.

Tenji ShowroomSeeing is believing—and the Tenji showroom in Carmel, California is an absolutely stunning display of our skills and expertise. If you are considering working with the Tenji team for an aquatic exhibit design, aquarium construction, aquarium repair, or aquarium renovation, spend some time in our showroom.

The Tenji team started our careers at the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium and the exhibits in our showroom demonstrate the deep love for aquatic life and specialized exhibit maintenance skills we learned there—as does every aquatic turtle habitat, jellyfish aquarium, seahorse aquarium, penguin habitat, and aquarium shark exhibit we design and build. Our Showroom is a soothing, spectacular display of underwater life and of lifelong experience creating, crafting, and caring for complex aquatic exhibits and fish tanks—and it is open to all.

Can’t stop by to visit us in Carmel, California? Click here to check out a virtual tour of the Tenji Showroom.