Live Animal Care & Maintenance

Tenji takes care of aquatic life like no one else.

Tenji Animal Care & MaintenanceThe Tenji team began our careers in one of the world’s most famous aquariums—Monterey Bay Aquarium. Caring for the extraordinary underwater creatures in their vast collections was our first responsibility and animal care remains our number one priority. No matter how dazzling or dramatic our displays, they are always designed with easy plant and animal care in mind.

It takes a great deal of experience, engineering expertise, and scientific knowledge to design and build aquatic systems that are healthy for fish and plants. Our aquarium maintenance staff are often called on to fix aquariums improperly designed by other firms. Our marine biologists understand the environmental parameters and needs of every sea creature in our aquatic systems. From faux coral décor to our custom life support systems, we ensure everything entering the aquarium environment nourishes and protects the lifeforms within. We don’t meet industry standards and requirements—we exceed them.

Our hands-on experience with daily aquarium care and animal maintenance informs many of our design decisions as well. It’s pretty simple: when a tank is easy to clean for your fish tank cleaning service and staff, it is much more likely to be kept clean. We provide thorough operations and maintenance instruction and dispatch a highly trained field team for inspection or repair to your site whenever you have the need.

Tenji Animal Care & MaintenanceThis commitment to animal care has earned Tenji an unprecedented level of trust among professional aquarists and hobbyists. We are able to source rare and unusual species for our clients and always provide sustainably collected or captive bred animals and plants. Tenji is one of the few aquarium exhibitors to fully condition and quarantine animals to the highest standards in the industry.

For flourishing underwater ecosystems, call 831.401.9551 or fill out the form below to talk to the animal care and maintenance experts at Tenji.

  • Maintenance is currently only provided for customers in Northern California. We cover the Monterey area up through Silicon Valley. Please reach out if you are unsure whether we'd be able to service your aquarium.
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