Tenji Studios

Saltwater and Freshwater Solutions.

Tenji Studios, our dedicated in-house aquarium design and exhibit team, creates extraordinary custom made aquariums and exceptional customer experiences.

In Japanese, “tenji” is a way of finding clear solutions to complex problems. Whether we are working on a custom home aquarium or a large public aquarium exhibit, the Tenji team prioritizes clear communication, simplicity and sustainability, cost control, and always, above all, boundless creativity. When you step into Tenji Studios, you will see what sets us apart.

Tenji Studios


  • Planning – Tenji has successfully designed, built, and maintained hundreds of the world’s most dazzling aquatic displays. We work with you to reveal all the possibilities (and potential challenges) in every project.
  • Design – Turning a dream into an architectural drawing is no easy task. Our designers and CAD drafters are the best in the business, and we developed our proprietary Rapid Design Process (RDP) to get everyone on the same page, We can provide CAD/Revit/SketchUP/BIM, model fabrication, species-specific LSS and control design, LEED AP team review, value engineering, and much more. Not only will you be able to begin pricing and preparing for your home aquarium bar, jellyfish cylinder, or new expansion, you will see and understand how it will look and work right away.
  • EngineeringTurning a napkin sketch into a showstopping marine display requires smart, strategic thinking and real skill. No matter what aquarium you have or hope to have, Tenji Studios can create it, install it, retrofit it, and/or repair it. Our deep understanding of LSS and aquarium exhibit design technologies and logistics, animal care and husbandry, and FRP fish tanks and stands have made us the preferred partner for some of the most prestigious institutions in the world.
  • EstimatingOur creativity extends to cost management as well. Tenji Studios can identify innovative ways to cut costs without cutting corners. We also work closely with your development team to find funding sources and generate financial support for even the boldest, most boundary-pushing projects.

Tenji Studios provides artful solutions for all types of aquatic displays. Call 831-401-9951 to experience the Tenji Advantage for yourself.