About Tenji & The Tenji Advantage

Water Works.

The Tenji team began our careers as curators, biologists, and exhibit designers in one of the great aquariums of the world—Monterey Bay Aquarium. Our scientific training may have taught us the biology, chemistry, and physics behind aquatic design and engineering, but only the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for rich, diverse animal life could inspire the innovations in custom built aquariums we are known for around the world.

We are premier aquarium builders with an eye for the practical details of aquatic engineering: easy cleaning and operation, reliable and sustainable life support systems (LSS), and healthy, happy ecosystems. And yet we are, above all, artists. Whether showcasing old favorites or pushing the boundaries to display new species, the Tenji team sees tremendous possibilities in every tank.

We know how overwhelming public aquarium design and construction can be and we make it simple for our clients. In Japanese, “tenji” is the detailed process of creating clarity from complexity and we have dedicated ourselves to mastering it. Our in-house aquarium design team provides the full range of aquarium services, providing personalized aquatic design, aquarium installation, and aquarium maintenance for public aquariums, zoos, museums, research facilities, universities, public spaces, and private residences.

We developed our proprietary Rapid Design Process (RDP) to help clients clarify their needs and share their vision, fast. In less than a week, Tenji designers and CAD drafters can create detailed aquarium architectural design drawings that can convince a Board of Directors, inspire donations, and make a dream a reality.

If you want a custom aquarium that works well and inspires wonder, you need more than a fish tank designer. Call 831.401.9951 to see the Tenji Advantage for yourself.