Windows into underwater worlds.

Jellies arcing overhead like floating lanterns. Sharks slicing through scattered schools of fish. Slowly turning turtles, the acrobatic antics of penguins, the surprisingly rough texture of sea stars in a touch tank …

Design Exhibits - Tenji

If you want to transform an empty tank into a natural environment for marine life—and an extraordinary way to experience life underwater—talk to Tenji. Premier institutions all over the world trust our exceptional exhibit design department and we always deliver.

Our commitment to the Japanese principle of tenji, and to maintaining a dedicated, in-house exhibit design team, lets us push creative boundaries while prioritizing customer service. Highly skilled scientists, engineers, and artists work side-by-side to turn your dream into a dazzling reality. And as ideas take shape, the Tenji Rapid Design Process (RDP) turns them into 2D and 3D models within days. We can show you how exhibits will look and work much faster than other firms.

We have more than knowledge—we have know-how. Over 100 years of combined experience in day-to-day aquarium operation drives our solutions and innovations. Our in-house design and fabrication experts craft custom displays, control/monitoring systems, and LSS from the finest materials using the latest tools and technologies.

Most importantly, we stand behind our work with first-class customer service. No matter where or when you need us to refine or repair an exhibit, our field team will be there.

When the tanks fill, the lighting glows, and the fish begin to explore their carefully planted and crafted environment, all the complex mechanics combine into pure magic. Tenji can take the deepest secrets of rushing rivers, quiet pools, and enormous oceans to your school, museum, or business.

See how Tenji’s scientific prowess and artistic inspiration elevate public aquariums and exhibits to the next level: view our public aquarium/zoo projects.

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