Custom Aquarium Engineering with Tenji

Engineering is the essence of tenji.

Tenji EngineeringEvery component of a custom built aquarium must be engineered for excellence. After all, even the smallest home aquarium or biggest showstopping public aquarium display is, at its core, a life support system (LSS) for delicate living things. The aquatic design and engineering experts at Tenji Studios understand and respect the rigorous standards and demanding requirements of custom made aquarium construction every single day.

Bold and breathtaking design details like FRP or concrete aquariums, pop-up aquariums, and jellyfish aquariums require in-depth aquatic engineering expertise. Whether we are creating an entirely new fish aquarium or retrofitting an existing exhibit, our dedicated aquatic engineers bring over 100 years of combined knowledge, passion, and practical experience to every project. We design and build every tank, stand, platform, and LSS in-house in the U.S.A., and if you need a repair, adjustment, or retrofit, we are always just a phone call away.

Tenji engineers design and manufacture first-class, custom-built:

  • LSS – Reliable, affordable species-specific life support systems designed for efficiency and sustainability
  • Tanks, Stands, PlatformsTenji tanks (FRP, concrete, glass, or acrylic), stands, and platforms for custom aquariums offer the best solutions for your custom installation.

Aquatic engineering blends art and science, and our custom fish tanks and aquarium life support systems are always engineered for ease of use, for energy savings and sustainability, for the health and wellbeing of animal and plant life, and, always, for wonder.

Exceptional aquarium engineering is essential to a successful project. Call 831.401.9951 to talk to Tenji aquautic engineers about your new aquarium, retrofit, or repair today.