Aquarium Cost Estimating

Find the way forward with Tenji.

At Tenji, we want the aquarium tanks, aquarium stands, and life support systems we design and engineer to become living, dynamic exhibits to enjoy. We work closely with our clients not just to create breathtaking aquatic design—but to find the funding needed to build, operate, and expand them.

Cost Estimating
Custom aquariums and commercial aquarium systems can carry significant costs. Our design, engineering, and project management process identifies innovative ways to cut those costs without ever cutting corners. Our vast knowledge and years of practical experience let us estimate with accuracy and confidence. At Tenji, we provide numbers you can count on.

Building Support
The Tenji team is as invested in every aquatic design and engineering project as our clients. We work closely with you to find funding sources and generate financial support for even the boldest, most boundary-pushing projects. We stand by your side at board and planning meetings, create breathtaking 2D and 3D models to generate support (and donations!), and engage with key stakeholders to make sure your aquarium tank design exceeds expectations.

Value Engineering
In Japan, tenji describes a process designed to bring clarity from complexity, and our value engineering takes Tenji to the next level. Whether you have a new exhibit wing at a public aquarium, a home aquarium, or a complex life support system, our designers and engineers rigorously review every aspect of the project to reveal all opportunities to add value. Few aquarium designers can offer this level of financial and practical expertise and advice.

No matter what the challenges, Tenji creativity can clear the way. For accurate cost estimating and value engineering, call 831.401.9551.