Invite the ocean in.

A fabulous freshwater aquarium in a custom build luxury home. Twenty feet of tropical fish and custom coral in an art collector’s retreat…

Tenji Residential Design

Tenji designs and builds some of the world’s most dramatic and distinctive in-home aquariums and aquatic exhibits. Do you want to dazzle your guests? Bring your family closer to nature? Create a bold and breathtaking statement or an atmosphere of serenity and wonder? Trust the Tenji team to make it happen.

We help you design a custom aquarium that fits your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. Inspired by the Japanese principle of tenji, our dedicated, in-house exhibit design team blends scientific and artistic observation into smart, sustainable solutions. And as our ideas take shape, the Tenji Rapid Design Process (RDP) turns them into 2D and 3D models, letting us show you how exhibits will look and work much faster than other firms.

Using clear and conversational language, our aquatic designers explain all of your choices and help you make decisions with confidence. We design with daily maintenance in mind—making sure our aquariums are easy to clean and powerful life support systems protect your plants and animals. Our in-house LSS staff and fabrication experts craft custom exhibits, design elements, and LSS systems from the finest materials using the latest tools and technologies.

We can help you stock your tank, too. We are known worldwide for our ethical, responsible species handling, and we are able to source a vast selection of healthy and vibrant specimens for our clients.

Most importantly, Tenji customer service is as reliable as the tides. Whenever you need adjustments, refinements, or repairs, our experienced field team will be there.

Call 831.401.9551 to talk to Tenji about transforming your home with a custom saltwater or freshwater aquarium or water feature, or stop into our showroom to see the possibilities.