Repair & Renovation

Transforming exhibits together.

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Many clients first reach out to Tenji not for a brand-new aquatic exhibit or aquarium, but to improve or retrofit an existing one. As the industry leader in custom aquarium design, construction, and installation, and one of the few aquatic design firms with an in-house fabrication shop, we can do more than repair or renovate your facility. We can completely reimagine it.

The experienced experts at Tenji can:

  • Refresh dated aquariums and exhibit galleries
  • Improve LSS and husbandry techniques
  • Restore worn displays and systems
  • Repair tanks, platforms, and LSS components in our in-house shop

Tenji’s in-house design team can propose bold solutions that still fit your budget. Our exceptional construction management team can value engineer proposals to enhance quality and lower costs and schedule complex repairs and renovations to minimize closures. Our marine biologists help you better manage your animals during renovations and repairs, and our fabrication shop customizes every component for your project.

See what a dramatic difference Tenji repair and renovation services can make.

To see how Tenji can give your aquarium or exhibit new life, give us a call today.