Aquarium Life Support Systems

Next level LSS.

Tenji LSS BuildAn aquarium’s life support system (LSS) is its heart and lungs. Healthy, thriving aquatic ecosystems rely on carefully balanced water quality, and the premier aquatic attractions in the world trust Tenji to construct and maintain their LSS.

Our full-service team of scientists, designers, and engineers work closely with you and each other to turn project drawings into reliable LSS systems. We provide value engineering to reveal opportunities for cost and energy savings without compromising quality. We prioritize ergonomic, user-friendly controls and redundant failsafe systems. We use only the finest materials and the most advanced fabrication techniques and technologies. And we can install onsite or provide carefully documented kits.

Most importantly, we never forget that we are building more than an LSS—we are building a long-term client relationship.

If you want your LSS custom-made in the U.S.A. by proven experts, call 831.401.9551 to talk to Tenji.