Breathtaking aquariums are our business.

Vast aquatic displays entertaining highrolling visitors to a Vegas casino. Restaurant walls and bars rippling with multicolored fish. Major outdoor retailers demonstrating fly-fishing techniques (and their products) on fully stocked indoor ponds…

Commercial Design Tenji

Adding a custom aquarium to an office, store, or restauarant is much more than an aesthetic improvement. Recent studies show that aquariums and aquatic exhibits actually lower stress levels and improve moods in ways that can boost employee morale and customer sales. Tenji can help any business take advantage of the many benefits of a custom aquarium or create custom fish tanks for commercial hatcheries.

Our commitment to the Japanese principle of tenji, and to having a dedicated, in-house exhibit design team, lets us push creative boundaries while prioritizing value engineering and customer service. Our planning team works closely with you and your architect to make sure your custom aquarium fits your building, your budget, and your business plan.

Skilled scientists, aquatic engineers, and artists work side-by-side to create your hotel aquarium bar, mermaid tank, or unique underwater display. As ideas turn into drawings, our proprietary Rapid Design Process (RDP) creates 2D and 3D models to show you how exhibits look and work. As a result, Tenji can take a concept to construction much faster than other firms.

Using clear and conversational language, our team explains your choices and helps you make decisions with confidence. Our in-house design and fabrication experts craft custom exhibits, design elements, and LSS from the finest materials using the latest tools and technologies.

Value engineering makes every Tenji tank exceptional. Very few firms can field a team with this level of education or practical knowledge, and our hands-on experience shows in sustainable solutions and creative cost-savings. And no matter where or when you need us to refine or repair an exhibit, our field team will be there.

See how Tenji’s scientific prowess and artistic inspiration takes businesses to the next level: view our commercial/retail projects.

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