Conditioned Animals

Animals first, always.

Conditioned Animals - TenjiTenji has over 100 years of combined experience caring for animals and we have earned the trust of an international network of institutions, collectors, and hobbyists with that commitment to aquatic life. If you need new species for your aquarium or aquatic exhibit—or if your current collection is struggling to thrive—talk to the aquatic animal experts at Tenji.

Sustainable, Responsible Animal Sourcing
Our industry-wide network provides us preferential access to a vast array of certified species, from rare tropical fish to live corals and from captive reared marinelife to jellyfish. You can trust Tenji to sustainably source and stock your aquatic exhibit or custom tank with healthy and vibrant plants, fish, and animals, and to quarantine and condition each new addition to help you build the best possible ecosystem.

The Japanese word tenji describes an ability to find straightforward answers to complex situations. Our experts take the spirit of tenji into every shipment of animals we receive. Aquariums are complicated environments that must be carefully maintained for every creature they contain. We only source animals that are sustainably collected and raised, and we do much more than meet industry standard requirements and regulations—we exceed them.

Conditioned Animals - TenjiOur minimum four-week holding period dwarfs most retailers, affording us time to properly quarantine while conditioning fishes to captive environments. Some common ailments can be spotted quickly, however, many ailments do not rear their ugly heads until weeks after a fish settles in. Unfortunately the current retail industry standard of moving fishes out within one week ensures many diseases and most ailments are passed onto you.

Our prophylactic treatments for fish cover:

  • Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans)
  • Velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum)
  • Monogenean Flatworms a.k.a. “flukes”
  • Turbellarian infections
  • Brooklynella (Brooklynella hostilis)
  • Uronema (Uronema marinum)
  • Bacterial infections (gram+/gram-)

Other diseases and ailments for fish and for other species, like jellyfish, live corals, and plants, are treated on a case-by-case basis.

We have developed our intense quarantine protocol after years of consulting with aquatic veterinarians, public aquarium curators, public aquarium technicians, tenured industry professionals, and long-time marine hobbyists to ensure we’re providing the highest quality animals available to the US market.

Healthy animals. Happy customers. Call 831.401.9551 to consult with the marine biologists and zoologists at Tenji.