LSS (Life Support System)

Water quality is quality of life.

LSS Life Support System TenjiIn the wild, water is always moving—rushing along streambeds, turning with the tides, condensing into clouds and falling back as rain or snow—and this ceaseless change naturally controls key environmental factors like temperature and salinity and pH. Inspired by nature and immersed in knowledge, Tenji aquatic designers create custom Life Support Systems (LSS) that circulate and filter the water in your custom aquarium.

Tenji LSS design takes absolutely everything into account. Your building. Your budget. And, most importantly, the complex biology of the living creatures in your care.

We value engineer every custom LSS proposal for cost and energy savings. We specify cutting edge filtration systems with pumps, sterilizers, heat exchangers, protein skimmers, and reactors with rock-solid reputations for reliability. We design intuitive, ergonomic controls. Effective protocols. And detailed, easy-to-understand operation manuals.

For sustainable LSS solution design and engineering, call 831.401.9551 to talk to Tenji.