Wave Crash Tanks

Wave Crash Tank at the Tennessee Aquarium

The forefront of innovation The Tenji team prides ourselves on constantly pushing the envelope on what is possible in aquariums. Two of our recent projects had us designing and building wave crash tanks, one at the Tennessee Aquarium and another at the Cabrillo High School Aquarium. These tanks are unique due to their quiet pumps… Read more »

Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

A front view of the new staggered level touch tank at Padilla Bay Reserve

A New and Improved Accessible Touch Tank When the team at the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve reached out about wanting to upgrade their touch tank, Tenji was more than up for the challenge. We designed and built a stepped-curved tank, allowing for access of all ages and heights to enjoy the wonderful animals… Read more »

Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum

A side view of the largest tank at the National Shell Museum

Massive Redesign of the Entire Aquarium Tenji recently completed one of our biggest projects to date: full design and build services for the new “Living Gallery” at the National Shell Museum. This project encompassed a full redesign of their ground floor, with eleven new tanks and significant back-of-house space. What was once an unconditioned museum… Read more »

Mystic Aquarium

  Milne Center for Ocean Science & Conservation The Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT inspires visitors to care for and protect our oceans through conservation, education, and research, such as unique Beluga whale and Steller sea lion habitats and blockbuster collaborations with celebrated ocean explorers like Dr. Robert Ballard. In 2020, the Mystic Aquarium further… Read more »

Hyperbaric Chamber

  The hyperbaric units are used to treat bubble disease in fish and for acclimating fish collected at depth. The system is built with an Iwaki high head pump that can maintain up to 30 PSI.  If higher pressures are desired, we can install a diaphragm pump.   The system has a feed port, so animals… Read more »

The Cook Museum of Natural Science

Cook Museum of Natural Science Ocean Exhibit by Tenji

Ocean Exhibits A brand-new, state-of-the-art natural history museum in Decatur, AL, the Cook Museum wanted a showstopping centerpiece for their ocean exhibits gallery. When they chose Tenji to create a 15,000-gallon exhibit for sea turtles and tropical fishes—as well as a moon jelly exhibit and extensive jelly culture, quarantine, and LSS facilities—they got it. Today,… Read more »

The Turtle Back Zoo: Penguin Exhibit

Turtle Back Zoo Penguin Exhibit by Tenji

Shores of Africa Penguin Exhibit When you need a 30,000-gallon saltwater pool, an enormous fabricated rock wall, multiple viewing levels, and extensive plumbing, chick monitoring, and LSS for penguins, you talk to Tenji. Our experienced team constructed an incredibly complex indoor environment while the surrounding building was still open to the elements—successfully tackling temperature control,… Read more »

The Turtle Back Zoo: Flamingo Exhibit

Turtle Back Zoo Flamingo Exhibit by Tenji

Tickled Pink Flamingo Exhibit Creating clean, tropical waters in West Orange, New Jersey isn’t easy—but the Turtle Back Zoo trusted Tenji to tackle tough water filtration requirements to create a safe and stunning habitat for these fun and photogenic birds. Today, the flamingos frolic in water that is fresh and feather-free. Read the full case… Read more »

Boston Museum of Science

The Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River at the Boston Museum of Science by Tenji

The Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River One of the world’s largest science centers, the Museum of Science, Boston stands on top of a mighty urban river. To show that river to the world, they turned to Tenji. The Yawkey Gallery commands visitor attention from the moment they arrive, encouraging children (and the young at… Read more »

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Tenji

Quarantine System for the Animal Research and Care Center When the Monterey Bay Aquarium needed an innovative new quarantine facility for their Animal Research and Care Center, they turned to Tenji. Our in-house fabrication team developed cutting edge solutions, like a modular biofarm using interchangeable fluidized sand filters, and built space, energy and cost savings… Read more »