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Museum of Science, Boston

The Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River Design and Build of Two-Habitat Crawl-Through Space       “Working with Tenji was a great experience. The Tenji team took the initial idea of introducing visitors to the biodiversity of the Charles River, and transformed it into a beautiful and interactive space. The exhibit design engages visitors… Read more »

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Quarantine System for the Animal Research and Care Center     “Not everyone knew that the founders of Tenji met when they worked as curators, biologists, and exhibit designers at Monterey Bay Aquarium, but everyone on this project could tell how much it meant to them. Responsible, impeccable animal husbandry is at the heart of… Read more »

Cabela’s, Inc.

Freshwater Fish Tanks and In-Store Displays Design and Build of Attention-Grabbing, Sales Generating Exhibits Customized to Individual Store Floorplans     “At Cabela’s, we want to bring the outdoors into our stores. We know the fish tanks and taxidermy displays are big draws for our fans that have become signature elements of the Cabela’s shopping… Read more »

Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences

Aquariums, Displays, and Jellyfish Culture Systems Extensive Number of Wet and Dry Exhibits “The Tenji team are problem solvers. For an endeavor the size, scope, and complexity of the California Academy of Sciences’ project, there were daily changes that Tenji was able to meet with creativity and speed. When issues arose, they regularly dove into… Read more »

An Aquarium Somewhere

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2018: Tenji’s New Showroom

In seemingly no time at all, Tenji was poised to grow again. We moved into our current showroom in Carmel in early 2018. With an expanded footprint, we were able to build two saltwater aquariums (120 gallons & 600 gallons) and one freshwater tank to show off our designers’ and aquarists’ beautiful work.

2017: Turtle Back Zoo

Throughout our partnership with the Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County, New Jersey, we have designed and built exhibits for penguins, otters, and flamingos. The penguin exhibit included a 30,000-gallon saltwater pool, an enormous fabricated rock wall, multiple viewing levels, and extensive plumbing, chick monitoring, and LSS. The flamingos were also a challenge, having tough… Read more »

2014: Tenji’s First Showroom

In 2014, Tenji opened up its first showroom in Pacific Grove, California. We were located in the American Tin Cannery building, right next to historic Cannery Row. A space that used to be where fish were canned was now a space for fish to be built a new home!

2012: Our First Commercial Lab

Our first commercial laboratory project was at Nova Southeastern University. We designed and built out a coral nursery, including tanks, stands, a seawater system, and controls. The lab grows coral both for research, as well as transplanting them back into the ocean.

2011: A Tank for … Mermaids?!

Dive Bar might have been the second time Tenji was asked to create a tank for a restaurant, but it was our first time designing a tank for mermaids!