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Mystic Aquarium: Milne Center for Ocean Science and Conservation

Design and Build of Aquaculture Tanks and Filtration System OPPORTUNITIES The Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT inspires visitors to care for and protect our oceans through conservation, education, and research, such as unique Beluga whale and Steller sea lion habitats and blockbuster collaborations with celebrated ocean explorers like Dr. Robert Ballard. In 2020, the Mystic… Read more »

Tenji Hyperbaric Chamber

CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Treating gas problems in fish collections is a challenge faced by may aquarium institutions. While any Aquarist might see the occasional case of “pop-eye” (exophthalmos) or swim bladder issues, larger facilities with extensive collections will see these health problems more frequently. Unhappy with pinning fish or accepting fish loss, Tenji has a… Read more »

Freshwater Aquarium Tank for The Spheres Rainforest Aquarium and Arboretum OPPORTUNITIES Perhaps no company defines the dot-com era quite like, the online bookseller that become an e-commerce behemoth. From worldwide retail and grocery delivery to cloud data storage, Amazon both supports and defines a modern way of life. Within headquarters in Seattle, WA,… Read more »

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Modular Research Aquarium Systems   “Thanks to Tenji, our scientists can quickly create an ideal environment to collect data and test theories across a wide range of species and environments. Whenever new research partnerships are formed, grants are awarded, or inspiration strikes, we are ready.”   OPPORTUNITIES A private, nonprofit center for global oceanographic research,… Read more »

Turtle Back Zoo: Penguin

Shores of Africa Penguin Exhibit “Keeping the construction of a warm-weather penguin exhibit on schedule during the bad weather of a cold, New Jersey winter can’t be easy—but Tenji took it in stride. They never came to us with problems. They always came to us with solutions.” OPPORTUNITIES When people think of penguins, they imagine… Read more »

Turtle Back Zoo: Flamingo Exhibit

Tickled Pink Flamingo Exhibit “Working with Tenji’s aquatic experts was worth its weight in gold. Their ability to tackle the tough water filtration challenges that emerged during the construction process kept a popular new exhibit on track to open on time and on budget.” OPPORTUNITIES Flamingos are found around the world from the Caribbean and… Read more »

Georgia Aquarium

Shark and Ray Touch Tank   “The shark and ray touch tank was a very tricky project. Limited space. Noise constraints. Construction challenges. And yet, Tenji always knew just how to handle it. Their Rapid Design Process (RDP) allowed us to approve full drawings and models in just two months—a process that normally takes a… Read more »

The Cook Museum of Natural Science

Ocean Exhibits Sea Turtle Exhibit with Artificial Corals, Moon Jelly Exhibit, and Culture and Quarantine Facilities     “We knew the Rapid Design Process at Tenji would help us conserve time and resources and make decisions more confidently. What we didn’t expect was the sense of excitement and creative energy the RDP drawings and models… Read more »

Museum of Science, Boston

The Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River Design and Build of Two-Habitat Crawl-Through Space       “Working with Tenji was a great experience. The Tenji team took the initial idea of introducing visitors to the biodiversity of the Charles River, and transformed it into a beautiful and interactive space. The exhibit design engages visitors… Read more »

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Quarantine System for the Animal Research and Care Center     “Not everyone knew that the founders of Tenji met when they worked as curators, biologists, and exhibit designers at Monterey Bay Aquarium, but everyone on this project could tell how much it meant to them. Responsible, impeccable animal husbandry is at the heart of… Read more »